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Welcome to TDA-E16

TDA-E16 is a newly developed ITS test site. We offer services to demonstrate and test applications, services and products within the field of ITS. TDA-E16 also focuses on offering a test environment specially adapted towards solutions to develop a more energy efficient and environmental friendly transport system. Some of our services are presented by our partner companies - just click "Servicegroups" at the top menu, or contact us and we will help you.

Fact sheet on TDA-E16 (.pdf)
TDA-E16 initially offers two physical test sites along the European road E16. One of these sites is equipped with infrastructure suitable for developing safe parking services and products. TDA-E16 has a whole range of different  sensors, cameras, road-side displays that our customers can use. 

TDA-E16 stretches over 950 kilometers and reach from the Baltic sea to the Atlantic ocean (in Norway).

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